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Fasano - Trancoso

"The Fasano Group arrives at another Brazilian destination, this time, in the South of Bahia. The Hotel Fasano Trancoso arrived at Praia de Itapororoca, taking the pillars and seal of the brand to one of the most privileged stretches of the region."

Services performed

Creative Direction



Post production

ISAY_Fasano Trancoso_1.10_Piscina 1_v04.jpg
ISAY_Fasano Trancoso_1.14_Sauna Spa_v04.jpg
ISAY_Fasano Trancoso_1.11_PIscina 2_v04.jpg
ISAY_Fasano Trancoso_1.6_ST3 Sala_v04.jpg
ISAY_Fasano Trancoso_1.5_ST3 Quarto_v04.jpg
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